Python, Bash, R, git, LaTeX

Neuroimaging software

FSL, ANTS, AFNI, BrainVoyager, Freesurfer, Connectome Workbench


Greek, Georgian, English, German, Russian



A standardized framework for evaluating anatomical correspondence between primate brains

Non-linear warps between common rhesus macaque brain templates.

Work done for my MSc thesis and during the early stages of my PhD.

A GUI app made with python’s tkinter for a quick-and-dirty computation of fMRI activation maps.

PRIME-RE (PRIMEatE Resource Exchange) aims to be the primary exchange platform for non-human primate neuroimaging data resources.

Neurizons is a biennial neuroscience conference organized by students of the IMPRS for Neurosciences in Göttingen, Germany.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Douglas Research Centre CIC Imaging Series Lecture